the better your picture the more detail i can include and less i have to guess


What makes a good photo?

First up, smart-phone pictures are perfectly ok for Photo Art... usually!

There are still times though when photos, from any camera, are unsuitable - they may be Blurred or Out of Focus or Too Small or Missing Bits. Oh, and think of the surroundings...

A black pet on a black rug, where I can't tell where one starts and the other ends is not good. Also, the less clutter the better.

But if in any Doubt...

If in any doubt, just let me see the pictures and I will advise.

I want to do a good job for you and for you to be happy with the results, so I would rather assess your picture with you, than risk any disapointment!

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Some Picture Fails...

Bits Missing - Partial Pets!

Out of Focus / Blurred

Black Dog -vs- Black Rug

Too Small - Lost in the Clutter