Creative Abstract Photography

Why the book?

I wrote Creative Abstract Photography as an answer to the many, common, 'How did you do that?' questions I get about my work; such as with 'Earth Splash', the picture on the cover of the book.

The book itself features a number of my more unusual images (fire, water, splashes, crystal balls and swimming manikins), and discusses the creative thought and composition behind them; with many suggestions as to how you can develop each of the ideas presented for yourself.

Where to buy it?

Creative Abstract Photography, is set to hit the 'shelves' of Apples iBooks store on 1st Nov 2017 - you can pre-order your copy from 1st Oct for a mere £2.99 GBP.

In the meanwhile, click here to read a sample section - 'Wine In Free Fall' taken from the 'Special Projects' chapter (NB:the images in the published version are all hi-def - this sample uses low-def versions to make your download today more speedy :-)