Creative Abstract Photography

About The Book

Within the pages of Creative Abstract Photography, I guide you through the taking and making of a number of stunning abstract images.

Starting with perspective and compositional techniques we journey through a wide range of both abstract and traditional subjects, concluding with ideas, tips and techniques on post production effects and presentation.

And in-between?

In-between we learn how to create selective colour images, techniques for working with water, reflections, flames, still life, motion capture and even how to create the striking image that is the front cover of this book, ‘Earth Splash’.

There are also a number of special projects to try out, including an image of a levitating, self-pouring wine bottle!

With the topics and techniques discussed, I examine the creative process and thinking behind them, as well as suggesting ideas for you to try for yourself and take the concepts and techniques presented further.

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And Other Stories...

From time to time I write articles for the Computer and Photography industry.

I have included some of those here. they are mostly 'How To?' articles where I walk you through a number of short projects from taking an image to editing it in tools such as Photoshop. They serve as a good sample for what you will find in my latest book. I hope you like them. Click on the magazine cover to read the article inside.