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Mark A Hunter Photography
Newcastle, UK, Earth!
Tel: 0755 1 2 3 4 878


I live in Newcastle upon Tyne (UK), I have a great wife and daughter, and a cat called Dexter. Complimenting my photography work, as a freelance author, I have over the years had articles published in both UK national and international, Computer and Photography magazines, as well as images displayed in national photography exhibits.

In my photography, 'anything goes', from sea, city and landscapes, to the more unusual subjects such as fire, water, splashes, smoke and swimming manikins! Anyone interested in how some of my more unusual images are produced, check out my book Creative Abstract Photography - click on the ebooks tab for details.

But while you are here, why not pull up a chair, grab a coffee, perhaps a biscuit too and have a nose around?
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Those lucky enough to live in the great City of Newcastle upon Tyne can find framed copies of my work at the Sage Gateshead, UpsideDown Presents (Dean Street) and HandPicked (MetroCentre).